Sugar Energy Moby Snots

Jon! Great additions to this guy. I think it looks fantastic. Great work!


Jordan! Very cool concept. Love all the details you’ve packed into this logo. I’ll bet you could use the atomic symbol to create all the parts of the fleur-de-lis as well. You wouldn’t even need the addition of the tiny guy in the middle there. Very cool work. Great colors!


Guy! Oh man this is fantastic. Look at this character, what a great piece work. I love his expression, his movement, all the gorse details. Just awesome. I might want to rotate him clockwise a bit. But that’s just nitpicking and I don’t feeling like picking nits today. One-n-done!


David! Another great concept with great execution. I want more details and decorations though. More sugar!!! Love this great start.



12 thoughts on “Sugar Energy Moby Snots

  1. I would actually consider rotating the snot rockets so that the boot is shooting at a bit of a downward angle.

    I would love to see if that atom could be made into the fleur-de-lis at all. Not sure if it would still be recognizable as an atom still.

    Love the Mobys. I wish I could illustrate like that so effortlessly.

    Great concept for the Sugar Skulls. Definitely more detail would be great. I would love it if it wasn’t so obvious of a read as a skull. If there were tons of details it might almost look like a cool pattern, and then someone would realize that there’s a skull in there, too.

  2. wish i had some skills.. great work.. im sure that mobys will make a debut, although would be better on a non black hat (black hats suck in texas its too hot! ;-)

  3. Jon: Still a winner, but you also made some great improvements!

    Jordan: I really like the integration of the atom and arch. I agree with Kevin: if the atom can create a fleur-de-lis, that would be awesome, but it might end up looking unlike either. You never know unless you try, though! I think this design would be awesome with raised embroidery. It’s a little flat right now, but embroidery would give it dimensionality and has the electron paths weaving in and out of each other.

    Guy: Gross in a good way. You’ve created a great character there! Again Kevin hits on a great suggestion to maybe angle the direction of him downward. Nice color choices, too.

    Derek: You have a solid start. Nothing to criticize other than it should go further. At first glance I thought it was a panda. Additional details will really make this soar. Keep what you’ve got going on going on!

  4. Love the Mobys hat. Keeping with the book, a white logo on a grey hat would be sweet.

    Side note, can older logos be revisited? The BlueGills was a runaway favorite in your last “contest” but got passed over. Would it have to be resubmitted?

    Hope to see more logos and maybe re-release of 2-3 hat designs I missed laid up in the hospital.


  5. Derek,
    Just had a “crazy” idea… what if you did an elaborate illustration of the skull face with tons of details, and then tilted the face and super-imposed it over the entire front two panels of the cap? It could become more of a texture that becomes recognizable after looking at the hat for a few seconds. I have no idea if they could do that much embroidery, but its just an idea.

  6. First off thanks for all the kind words!

    Jordan, super dope idea! I agree with Casey, i think you can make the whole think resemble a fleur-de-lis. But still sick!

    Guy, really love this character! I would suggest making his outlines a bit thicker, that way it Pops even More!

    Derek, Love it! i do agree with Casey, it it more details forsure!

  7. Jon – Nice clean up! I’m not sold on the colourway as is. Try out a bunch of colourways and see what works? White on Navy might be a contender?

    Jordan – Excellent work! this totally reminds me of the Springfield Isotopes! I’d even consider removing the fleur-de-lis all together and replacing it with a baseball? Just an idea. You’re an inspiration as always.

    Guy – A man after my own heart. What a character! This guys charisma is through the roof (or should I say nostril?…) My only criticism is that the colourway is a little out there, perhaps tone it down by changing the colour of the hat to a darker colour, perhaps a dark green or even navy? Other than that, I’m all about this concept, character and design! Well done!

    Derek – What they all said ^ (apart from Kevin, he’s just loco haha… just kidding). Nice start though!

  8. Thanks, everyone!! I’ll see what I can do – whether it be making the nucleus a baseball or making a fleur-de-science, but I’ll definitely be working to make it a truly great concept.

    Mobys/Jon – Incredible. That style knocks it out. Well done!

    Snot Rockets/Guy – This looks like something out of a Cartoon Network show – and I mean that in the best possible way. I could definitely see this being worn out in the wild. Nice work!

    Sugar Skulls/Derek – LOVE this idea, but I echo most of what’s already been said. Your inspiration photos feature some crazy-ornate details – don’t be afraid to pull some of that detail to REALLY make this thing sell. With a concept as wild as the Sugar Skulls, you can really go wild with the design itself!

  9. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for all of your input and compliments. I truly appreciate it. It is encouraging to read especially after viewing some of the amazing portfolio pages you guys have. I am so happy that that character translated so well to everyone.
    It would be a dream come true to see this guy out there!

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