Dirty Blue Trap Skin Colorado Leftovers

We are falling behind under the deluge of entries. Very exciting to see all this excitement over the Hometown League, but that means patience my amigos. Patience! We’re at a little over 3 weeks to get to your entries. Ugh, I know. Patience! And thanks!

Doug! Dirty! You can smell this guy through the screen. I love that. I love the idea of two things crossed in his beard. It’s a new way to do the whole crossed bats(Crossed whatever, really.) trope. While I like the character and the story telling elements I think it needs a stronger composition. What about making the fish and the stick more pronounced? I think you can come up with something more fun than a stick. What about a broom stick/stickball bat? Great start, keep trucking.Hometown-DougVanderMeulen-01

Phil! This is great. I think this would make such a cool logo for teams to advertise day games to office workers. I’m not sure if it’s the best hat logo though. I think that your alternate mark up there might be a better bet. Or maybe a mashup of the 2 logos?Hometown-PhilStuddardB-02

Phil! Now this is a great hat logo! I love this thing. One-n-done. Epic work!Hometown-PhilStuddardB-01

Martin! Oh man this is cool. I really think your on to something here. I like you to make a few changes for me. I want you to look at retro Native American-inspired sports logos. I think giving this guy a vintage feel would be a great asset. And I’d like for you to make the human to wolf head proportions lean more towards the wolf. Right now it leans more towards the dude. Really amazing stuff. I think with the right amount of tweaking this guy could be a juggernaut.Hometown-MartinLopez-01

Jesus! Badass Roster my man. I really love how you’ve rendered him. I think he needs something else to make him pop though. What about another storytelling element like a snake in his mouth or maybe crossed pitchforks? What about not adding a new element and giving us a few more roster colors added to his neck and crown. There are some colorful rosters out there and I think, done correctly, a bunch of colors could give this guys a Blackhawks vibe. Great work!Hometown-JesusFonseca-01

Jake! Awesome idea. I love the detail and authenticity that you’ve given this design. I’d really like you to add something to this guys to give him a little more of a logo real and less of an illustration feel. Maybe a crest vibe could be a cool direction. Or maybe a creature’s eyes or claw creeping out of the box. Keep it mysterious though. Great stuff. You’ve got a lot to work with here. Go forth!Hometown-JakeKessler-01


9 thoughts on “Dirty Blue Trap Skin Colorado Leftovers

  1. Doug: I love the details here! The scraggly beard is a great canvas to use for dead fish, fish bones, sticks and other garbage. I really like the bubbles.

    Phil (Bluecollars): Your secondary mark is amazing. I like that it doesn’t reference a physical blue collar, but the hardhat-and-lunchpail attitude of that type of job. The blue stitching in the shape of a baseball is perfect. If there were a team with that name, I could absolutely see your current cap logo as the stadium logo. Wrangler Field or Hanes Park or something like that.

    Phil (Speedtraps): Another one our of the park! The perspective of the hat badge seems a little too extreme, but that’s only a minor nit-pick.

    Martin: I think my only suggestion would be in the execution. Instead of keeping the default, consistent width of the strokes, outline them and treat them like shapes so that there is attention given to the points and edges of the logo. Great idea- let’s see that wolf in larger proportion!

    Jesus: You have a solid base for your logo – I’m interested in seeing how your adding colors will take it from expected to outstanding. One suggestion in the shape: the first curve of the feathers on the left of the neck area seems (to me) to be angling toward the right too much. angling it to the left would reduce the narrowness I’m feeling from the neck as a whole and give you a stronger total shape (my 2 cents).

    Jake: I’d love to see nasty, forgotten noodles snaking out of the box like tentacles! There’s a lot of promise in his design.

  2. I’m really feeling the Speed Traps, the secondary logo is great too. Good stuff, everyone.

  3. Doug – Love this old guy, more importantly love the potential in his beard, let’s see something special! Only nit pick is I think the bubbles shouldn’t be so symmetrical, a few bigger and smaller ones thrown around the place may look better. Great start!

    Phil – What a pro! (you do this stuff for a living right?…) Blue collars is dope! but I’m with Casey more of a big scale logo, not so much a hat logo. Your Alt Mark is the way to go for this one. In regards to the Speed Traps, I kinda like your Alt logo better on this one too! I guess sometimes it pays off to work just as hard on an Alt logo!

    Martin – I also had the same idea, but was thinking a front on view. More wolf, less dude. Great start!

    Jesus – Dat’s one mean lookin’ Rooster! I’d throw a pupil in his eye, as the white is totally freaking me out! but I guess that’s also what makes him mean lookin’. Nice work!

    Jake – Nathan’s idea of the noodle tentacles is AWESOME! I say make the box a bit banged up and ripped and throw some creepy noodle tentacles in there and this will be gold! You’ve certainly got the skills judging from this and your other entries. So go forth and amaze us!

  4. Hi Casey,
    have you received any of my three entries? The first was about a month ago. I tried emailing the third again today (the best of the 3), but the email bounced back. Definitely been following all the instructions and the correct email address. Just not sure if they’re making it through.

  5. @Casey, thx for the input I’ll see what I can do. My only question is if I go retro/vintage on the Indian, it may change the dynamic of the design as far as the wolf is concerned. I’ll do my best.
    @Nathan, I have no idea what you mean. I’ve read your comment numerous times and can’t figure out what you’re trying to say.

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