Ace Side Scraper G Martians

Hey all you redo submitters, I’m going to hold off on your redo entries unless they are drastically different and I mean, drastically. I’ll be sure to add them to the ballot and, more importantly, we’ll see them so don’t worry. Thanks, it’s going to help us get through these entries much quicker.

Jon! Don’t tell the Reno Aces your team name. But lets pretend that part of the entry will be changed. I really like this “A” I especially like how you shaded the “A” crossbar. A very nice decision. Clean, professional, and patriotic…one-n-done!Hometown-JonRohlf-01

Drew! Really like this one. Clean and simple with a nice composition. One-n-done!Hometown-DrewRamos-01

David! Really, really, really like this. I have a few elements that I’d clean up but for the sake of the contest one-n-done!Hometown-DavidHerrera-01

Peter! This guys is great. Great colors as well. One thing to think about when doing a retro character logo is the feet and the bottom of the logo. Even if you want them standing, it helps to put their feet at an angle or even better get them on one foot or running with both feet off the ground. It helps to make the shape of the design more interesting. You feel me? Great start!Hometown-PeterLenart-A-01

Mike! I always think that a Sleepy Hollow themed hat would be great. It seems like you don’t know Illustrator that well but you had a strong idea and you found a way to bring it to life. That goes so far with us. I really like your horse a lot. I think it’s great. One trick that Jason and I try to use is to not show all our cards with one logo. So instead of showing the entire headless horseman, can you just show parts on him that tell the same story but leave some mystery. It’s a great way to keep a logo simple. Lets see a revision!Hometown-MikeShaw

Chuck! It took me a few looks to get the Walmart part of Walmartians. I’m guessing there are a lot of Walmarts in your town, funny. Shouldn’t he be riding on a Rascal? It’s a really strong drawing, I love his mouth and his expression, it seems effortless in the way you want drawing to be. Well done. I like it…one-n-done!Hometown-ChuckRoberson-01

Jake! This is a big redo! I really like the “H” and I think the colors are great. Great stuff, done!Hometown-JakeKesslerB-01


13 thoughts on “Ace Side Scraper G Martians

  1. Casey I think you put the G brawlers up twice and the New York skyscrapers is a redo logo. Last time you gave the G brawlers a one and done last time. Anyway still a great round of designs!

  2. Jon: Solis, solid work. If Aces doesn’t work, you have an oprhan logo in search of a name. What about “Ailerons”? Or the A could be for Amestown. Nice work!

    Drew: Really clean work! What is the white keyline was removed, making the shark look like it was approaching out of the shadowy deep? Stellar rendering.

    David: Such a vast improvement compared to your first design! Great job on choosing just a few key details to sell your concept.

    Peter: Still a great, cool character!

    Mike: A log of potential going on here. When I think of the headless horseman, I think of a horse with blazing red eyes, and a jack-o-lantern for a face (maybe its just me). What if you kept the horse, but made the shape of the horseman’s body negative space (embroidered the same color as the color of the fabric of the hat crown)? Then a grinning pumpkin for a head and a flaming baseball in his hand? Just my two cents. Fantastic start!

    Chuck: Hilarious! Casey’s mention of a Rascal immediately brought to mind the image of this wrinkled Yoda-ish creature crouched on a seat, flag raised and horn beeping, plowing through bargain-hunters. Especially nice detail of the Walmart star as a collar element.

    Jake: Wonderful update. Nicely done!

  3. Jon

    Drew – Classic! Well done!

    David – Great looking shark!

    Peter – Much better, really great redo.

    Mike – So many ideas to pull from here. Nathan’s got a couple great starts – a Jack-o-Lantern Baseball might go far!

    Chuck – Ha! Fantastic!

    Jake – MUCH better!

  4. Hmm…something messed up in that comment, haha!

    Jon – Classic! Well done!
    Drew – Great looking shark!
    David – MUCH better. This one definitely clicks.
    Peter – Still great!
    Mike – So many ideas to pull from here. Nathan’s got a couple great starts – a Jack-o-Lantern Baseball might go far!
    Chuck – Ha! Fantastic!
    Jake – MUCH better!

    I think that’s better. Sorry for the mishap!

  5. The Aces is a really nice clean look!

    Bentonville, Arkansas is the headquarters for Walmart. Very clever name and I like how you snuck the star part of the Walmart logo at the bottom!

  6. Walmartians is hilarious. Love the idea, reminds me of either Yoda and or the Pizza Planet Aliens from Toy Story.

  7. Chuck- I was thinking about doing a team named the mn targets but I never got to it mine probably would have been copyright yours is in the perfect place to where people know what your talking about but it’s not copyright

  8. Hey Casey can you tell if my newest snowman design was a drastic enough change. I want to know what entries I should be looking out for next.

  9. Sorry I’m late to the party, but here goes..,

    Jon – Diggin’ that “A” man. You nailed it. Great work!

    Drew – I love me a hammerhead, such an insane shark! Clean and to the point, nice job!

    David – Much better! ;)

    Mike – I had always thought if doing an headless horseman concept, but never got around to it. I feel there is a lot of stuff going on with this, perhaps try simplify it a bit and it’ll be great!

    Chuck – This screams Toy Story to me, that’s not a bad thing though. My only gripe is that he’s a little too wide. Other than that great work.

    Jake – Much better! If anything I’d ditch the extra light blue line on the “h” but that’s just me. Done!

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